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Artist: IMAG

Label: Olé Entertainment, LLC



Hip Hop, RnB, STEAM Hip Hop, Science, Jazz, International


As an international music artist, engineer and activist born in Washington, D.C., Lemond ‘IMAG’ Brown found a passion for music at a very young age. Now with more than 15 years of music experience writing, producing and performing, IMAG continues to use his passion for the arts to inspire young people around the world.  Prior to releasing his debut album the Melanin King Project (2015), Lemond founded The Swaliga Foundation in 2012, to connect schools, businesses and universities in an effort to improve the lives of youth around the world through STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts & Math) education. Combining his passion for music with his academic background as an Architectural Engineer (BS' 12' Drexel University), IMAG developed the #STEAMtheBlock curriculum to get young people interested in STEAM. Recently featured on TEDxMidatlantic, Lemond has become a pioneer in the field of STEAM education, which earned him the nickname “The STEAM Emcee”. Performing all over the world including South Africa, Jamaica and Australia to name a few, IMAG loves to freestyle and continues to blend Hip Hop with Afro inspired Blues and Go-Go influences to create a genre-bending sound, connecting generations and cultures around the world to his positive message. IMAG always reminds his students to “Spread Love, Get Love, and Use Your IMAGination…”  

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